On a typical Sunday, we gather from 10.30am at Briary School in Greenhill, Herne Bay. We begin with a time of celebrating Jesus through songs, led by the band. If you are unfamiliar with this form of gathering please feel free to sit and enjoy.

Some weeks we also enjoy Communion - the sharing of bread and wine for believers, remembering what Jesus has done for us.

By this time, our kids have joined their Sunday Club to get to know Jesus more in a way better suited to them - games, crafts and video clips are just some of the ways they learn - and our teens (aka "Cornerstone) will also gather in their own space for teaching, friendship and prayer.

One of our Preaching Team will then speak to the remaining gathering from the Bible. We may spend a number of weeks in one book of the Bible, or sometimes a series or a one-off sermon may focus on a topical subject. Every time we look to discover more of Jesus and be changed by Him.

Sunday wide

Past sermons are available here.

After the service, we always have refreshments - please stay and enjoy (real!) coffee or tea. We'd love to get to know you more!