Caring For Ex-Offenders




We also have the privilege of working alongside our friends Caring For Ex-Offenders in our town and surrounding area. Over recent years they have supported and advised us in how best to serve any ex-offenders that we come into contact with. We firmly believe no one should be considered a lost cause - Jesus demonstrated that time and time again, and still does through His church.

CFEO's vision is "To reduce reoffending by reintegrating ex-offenders into society through the local church. We equip churches, through training and advice, to enable them to support ex-offenders live transformed lives."

We at Beacon have seen this happen - lives transformed through simple friendship, support and acceptance. Ex-offenders have come to know Jesus at Beacon through this process, beginning new lives and seeing God unfold fresh adventures for them. We're looking forward to meeting and helping many more. God's amazing!