Do you want the Good News or the bad news?


Nothing takes God by surprise. The Bible tells us that we are all guilty of sin - our self-decided "right" to put our desires before God's. This putting of something, anything, on a higher pedestal than the Ruler of all things means that we are all guilty of high treason against the King of the universe. This sin offends God deeply, breaks His heart, and deserves apt punishment for true justice to be upheld. That punishment is eternal separation from Him - Hell. Because this sin is rooted so deeply in all of our hearts, it shatters any relationship we might have had with Him, and none of us could ever stand before His purity and claim amnesty. It would be totally unjust. That's the bad news.

Choose lifeBut here's the good news...

Despite our sin, the King still loves us enough to have planned the ultimate rescue mission all along: to send His only Son Jesus to this earth at just the right time, to live a perfect sinless life, to die a horrid insulting death on a cross, and rise again victoriously on the third day. Why? Because through this, God has made it possible for us to stand before Him without shame or stain. Jesus took that punishment that we deserve as sinners. The Bible says that, "For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God" (2 Cor. 5.21). And in Jesus' resurrection, God has proved that that sacrifice has dealt with sin once and for all.

Anyone who genuinely admits their sin, turns away from it and asks Jesus for forgiveness, giving Lordship back to the One they once tried to wrestle it from, receives this amazing gift. Through His Holy Spirit, Jesus helps us live in a brand new, "born-again" relationship with God the Father: living the life we were meant to in the first place, enjoying him forever, growing as His children in prayer, worship, mutual encouragement and a heart to share this Good News with those around us. Have you?